I moved to Lugano, Switzerland in August, 1995. Lugano is a small city in the Italian speaking canton Ticino of Switzerland. I lived in the beautiful country of Alps, banks, pharmacies and chocolates for fourteen years and this is why I speak very fluent Italian, like mother tongue now and I also know A2 level of German language and A1 level of French language, and I can pick up and understand well a little bit of Romansh and some Italian dialects.

I was twenty-four years old when I moved to Switzerland and I embraced the new culture, food and languages with awe, inspiration and thirst for learning and doing the best I can in anything I love to do.

Living with the family of the father of my older two daughters, I learned to cook in Swiss Italian manner, mastered many home made Italian dishes as well as the sweet Italian language, as my ex-father-in-law was from Bergamo, Italy, and also I learned cooking and baking in a Swiss Graubünden manner since the grandmother of my two older daughters was from canton Grigioni or Graubünden.

torta di mele - apple pie
torta di mele – apple pie

Sharing you in this section my favourite cafe, restaurants and unforgettable dining moments which and where I and my family went and when I was still residing in Switzerland, and when revisiting my first foreign, adapted resident country.

Gnocchi alle patate fate a casa - my homemade potato dumplings
Gnocchi alle patate fate a casa – my homemade potato dumplings

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Poet, author, novelist, Italian-English translator, ghost writer, lovingly dedicated to my husband and three daughters, a foreign language enthusiast, a piano and English tutor, a domestic violence counsellor and a wanderlust.

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