There’s a time to go.
Deeply fulfilled, grateful heart,
grace, respect, love grow.

It’s time to be home.
Full of hope, reaching out sown.

Time spent to inspire.
Positive changes for life.
Have you embraced it?

It’s great to be home,
Family with timeless love.
Society’s strength.

Where peace reigns at home,
joy and harmony spread out:

It’s time to let go,
useless toxic elements.
Don’t be part of them.

It has come to end.
Humble calling continues,
Love humanity.

~ Angelica Hopes, haiku

Photography and Text © Ana Angelica Abaya van Doorn 2017

Poet, author, novelist, Italian-English translator, ghost writer, lovingly dedicated to my husband and three daughters, a foreign language enthusiast, a piano and English tutor, a domestic violence counsellor and a wanderlust.

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