Strong thunderstorms cause
ice pellets fall from the sky.
Marbles of harshness.

Hailstones whipped my face.
Firm, youthful, brave, stubborn, grace.
Melting cold harshness.

Cold hostility,
bitter, imprudent, edgy,
vile hearts vilify.

Animus bypassed.
Serene heart, values lived by.
Shove off spitefulness.

Thrive in cruelty.
Hailstones in life do not last.
Animus conquered.

~ Angelica Hopes, haiku

Text © Ana Angelica Abaya van Doorn 2017

Poet, author, novelist, Italian-English translator, ghost writer, lovingly dedicated to my husband and three daughters, a foreign language enthusiast, a piano and English tutor, a domestic violence counsellor and a wanderlust.

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