An evil person’s or a criminal destiny call:

Destiny brings you:
to answer for your past crimes.
Criminal conscience?

Destiny whispers:
your lies shall end very soon.
Unmatched truth wins over!

Destiny pulls you:
to stand for justice and truth.
Your crimes be punished.

Destiny runs fair:
justice, karmic disaster.
Your bloodline gets them.

Destiny’s karma:
your evil ways and disgrace,
daily violence.

Any individual’s destiny’s humane calling:

Destiny dictates:
truth and goodness shall prevail.
Justice. Harmony.

Destiny calls us:
Defend, respect human rights.
Have honest changes.

You are destiny:
partake in development,
united in strength.

Destiny is yours:
live with empathy and peace.
Harmony unites.

Destiny teaches:
stop vices, end violence.
Peace starts within us.

~ Angelica Hopes, haiku

© Ana Angelica van Doorn 2013 Panoramic view of Taal lake photography. © 2013 MAM van Doorn featured photograph, sunset in Tagaytay.  © Ana Angelica van Doorn 2017 Text, Haiku. All Rights Reserved.



Poet, author, novelist, Italian-English translator, ghost writer, lovingly dedicated to my husband and three daughters, a foreign language enthusiast, a piano and English tutor, a domestic violence counsellor and a wanderlust.

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