Cyber Evil World

The Cyber Bullies
thrive in their oppressive games:
emotional pains.

The Cyber Sadists:
succeed to make you suffer:

Cyber Terrorists:
destroy, hack, your privacy,
shame you publicly.

Cyber Offensive:
slander, libel, calumny.
Quickly denounce them.

Cyber Defensive:
a coping mechanism.
you resist contempt.

Cyber Intrusion,
your peace of mind corrupted,
your heart tormented.

Cyber Obsession:
daily mad, hateful stalkers.
Resist them. Block them.

Cyber abusive
political strategists,
toxic, evil crooks!

Cyber destructive
netizens: power play calls:
win at any cost!

Cyber Better World

Cyber wiser hearts:
ignore them right from the start.
Fulfilled hearts do good.

Cyber witty folks:
embrace creativity,
fulfilled spirits help.

Cyber sharper minds:
embark helpful solutions,
for social problems.

Cyber artistic
folks: awaken many hearts,
be compassionate.

Cyber creative
minds: enrich other spirits,
holistic outcome.

Cyber clever brains:
moves towards caring research,
uplifting the poor.

Cyber loving soul:
respects, cares, listens, reach out.
No time for evil.

~ Angelica Hopes, haiku

You want a  better cyber world?

Don’t be part of any cyber bullying.

You can help to stop cyber bullying!
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