Hurry Rogue
Hurry Rogue

Here comes the new rogue.
Noisy mouth foreshadows lies.
Hollow brain blocks truth.

Stones of truth hit you,
smashing calumny and lies.
Futile hollow blocks.

Worthless hate warning,
Hollow heart to hollow blocks.
Boastful power play.

Hah! ree of intrigues,
Hah! ree of stupidity,
Hah! ree of deceits.

Spokesperson of lies,
Spokesperson of denials,
Spokesperson of trash.

Hurry, the rookie?
Hurry! Puppet, evil rogue.
Hurry! Cover lies . . .

Rogue, cover it up!
Hurry rogue, lie to the max!
Hurry! Find excuse!

We can’t be silenced!
Truth defeats your evil lies.
We resist tyrants!

Our heart defies lies!
Our bright eyes of life for truth!
Truth, justice: prevail!

~ Angelica Hopes, haiku

Note: I wrote this haiku after reading Pia Ranada’s news: Roque threatens to throw ‘hollow blocks’ at Duterte critics.



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