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Odyssey of a Heart  is a travel blog site of Ana Angelica Abaya van Doorn writing as Angelica Hopes. I’m a poet, a novelist, an English-Italian translator, a foreign language enthusiast, an English tutor, piano tutor, and a volunteer domestic violence counsellor.

Photographed taken in the Citation X cockpit I used to dispatch and coordinate

I’m a wanderlust and a book lover, lovingly committed to my husband, Camiel, and a dedicated mum of my three intelligent, wise and witty, daughters: Teresa, Giulia, and Elisa.

I studied creative writing in University of Oxford. I’m a member of Writers Unlimited, Romance Writers of America {RWA}, She Writes, and Women, Writers, Women’s Books {WWWB}. I did various tasks in the past three decades: flights dispatcher and coordinator, research analyst, loans and credit analyst, legal assistant, shipping insurance employee, a former aviation student, a piano teacher, an English tutor and an Italian-English translator.

I love to travel, cook, bake, learn foreign languages, write and read books of different genre, so expect posts on recipe, sharing of various places I reached, a variety of foreign languages I have acquired and mastered, reach out projects, inspiring travel moments, and sharing you too some excerpts from my published books.

I’m currently working on a K.H. Trilogy, a crime suspense novel trilogy; a memoir: Book 2 of Speranza Odyssey Trilogy; Wanderlust Trilogy, a romantic suspense, historical trilogy; ghost writing two memoirs and working on Book 1 of a romantic comedy novel of a Pentalogy.

Travel. Write. Inspire. Reach Out.

Angelica Hopes, Odyssey of a Heart

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My personal official photographer, my beloved, very patient, supportive husband, Camiel
My personal official photographer, my beloved, very patient, supportive husband, Camiel

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