le tortine dal al porto di lugano
le deliziose tortine dal Grand Café Al Porto di Lugano

Gastronomy section in my travel blog covers various intercontinental cuisines: Arabic, African, Chinese, cypriot, Dutch, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Italian, Maltese, Portuguese, Spanish, Swiss and Turkish dishes I’ve tasted from various travels, learned to cook or recipes experimented at home.

Greek Salad, Limnionas, Samos, Greece
Greek Salad, Limnionas, Samos, Greece

I will also share various souvenir preserved food items I got from various islands and countries. I’ll feature historical cafes, restaurants, confectionery and bakery we frequented, what and why they left good taste and role inspiring me in writing my poems and featuring them in my novel projects’ locations.

Balay sa Bicol
Balay sa Bicol, Daraga Albay

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