During our seventeen days of vacation in Madeira Island, our most favourite restaurants were Funcho Gourmet and its branch Lido Brunch. Funcho Gourmet is in Rua Gorgulho 18. Prices are reasonable, the staff are very friendly giving a fantastic service with creative choice of menu and cooked as home cooking and food presentation exceptionally served.

A beleza está nos olhos de quem vê ~ Portuguese proverb

It means: Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. When it comes to food, it lies both in the expertise of the chef and the appreciative palate of the food enthusiast.

Bananas, passion fruit and water melons are among the native abundant fruits in the island of Madeira. Our most favourite light lunch or light dinner is an appetiser of prosciutto di parma served with the home grown water melon, native of Madeira:


Greek salad
Shrimp Avocado Salad
Mushroom with salad
Grilled lamb with potatoes and salad
Espetada served with French Fries and Salad

Espetada (meat- on- a-stick): juicy chunks of meat (beef or chicken) marinated in garlic and salt then cooked over a small fire on a bay leaf stick.

Elisa's favourite dish: spaghetti with Bolognese sauce
Elisa’s favourite dish: spaghetti with Bolognese sauce

Espada (black scabbard fish): known as ‘the ugly fish that tastes good’. It is tender and normally served as a fillet, which can be fried, boiled or grilled. Light dish served with fresh vegetables or sometimes cooked banana. Most snack-bars or cafés will make delicious ‘espada’ sandwiches also perfect for a quick snack.

What we enjoyed most watching and Elisa also partake in the cooking is the Crepe Suzette.
What we enjoyed most watching and Elisa also partake in the cooking is the Crepe Suzette.

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